Silver necklace is one piece of jewelry that can make an entire look more appealing and attractive. You can create a magical look with your outfit combined with the perfect length of silver necklace or you can go all wrong with the wrong selection of length and destroy the whole look.

The length of silver necklaces is extremely important according to the physique of the women and the dress she is carrying. Moreover, purchase of good silver necklaces also matter a lot which you can do with the OneByOne Jewellery UK, the UK’s leading jewelry store.

Choosing the Right Length of Silver Necklace:

The length of the silver necklace totally depends upon the face cut of the women, her physique, occasion and dress she is wearing. Usually a 24 inches silver necklace is ideal for business meetings and events and for formal events and occasions, up to 32 inches can be experimented with the look. Moreover, 18 inches silver necklace can also go with a number of dresses and outfits.

Below are listed a few tips that can help you choose the right length of the silver necklace for your dress:

  1. For women having broad shoulders, longer silver necklaces are preferred. The limited length silver necklaces can make your broad shoulders prominent while giving you a bunchy look whereas long silver necklace will make you look taller.
  2. For women having slim build, heavy sterling silver necklaces with heavy pendants and less length will be ideal. Always keep in mind that necklaces more in length and having more of a V-shape will make you look even taller and slim.
  3. If your face cut is round and your height is not that long, necklaces with long lengths should be preferred. Long necklaces make you look less bulky and tall.
  4. If you have a square or oval shaped face, necklaces closer to your throat should be worn. Choker style short sterling silver necklaces would be ideal for women with sharp chins and heart-shaped faces.
  5. Length of your neck also matter a lot while making a selection of the silver necklaces. If you have a longer neck, bigger size necklaces should be selected. Women with 16 inches of neck should wear chokers. For 18 inches neck, a necklace up to the collarbone should be selected. For slightly more than 18 inches, necklaces below the collarbone should be purchased and for the women having 22” of neck should wear necklaces at neckline and below that for longer necked women.