Scarves are the latest fashion accessories that are very easy to wear. There are many scarves available in the market in different sizes, pattern, colors and shapes. But it would look good on you only if you know how to wear in a proper way. So today to solve this most searched query, we are going to provide some of the best tips to ear fashion scarves. Have a look.

Different Styles To Wear A Fashion Scarf

Turn the Scarf Into the Belt

If you’re someone who loves experimenting then instead of wearing a scarf around your neck, you can try draping it around your waist area like a belt. Just fold your scarf in two and three folds just drape it around your waist line just like a skinny belt. For such experimentation, you would require a long scarf. You can also give yourself a Boho girl look by using a large scarf to make it look like a cute dress. Just put your long scarf around your neck and flatten it from the sides. Complete the look by using a skinny look on the upper waist area. When you do such experiments, make sure you know how to play with colors. The selection of scarf color matters here so choose according to your  outfit.


Oversized Knit Scarf

This style goes perfectly fine for all the women. It gives you a sexy, classy and warm look. All you need are a loose fitted sweatshirt or knitted sweater, ripped denim or tights, sneakers or high knee length boots. You can pair oversized knit scarf with the pastel colored oversized sweatshirt, ripped off blue denim and black high knee length boots. This look is super classy and cool at the same time. Talking about the next look which is a bit sexy and cool. You can complete the look with matching up a loose white T-shirt with black tights, a fitted leather jacket and yes the oversized knit scarf. This is one of the hottest winters; hot chick looks using an oversized knit scarf.

Summer Is Here, Where is Your Scarf?

Summer belongs to pop colors and light material. In summer, no matter how much sunscreen we apply to our body, we do get tanned so you can use scarves as a savior in summers. If you don’t like too much bright color, then you can opt for bright scarves. Light color clothes and pop colored scarves are really a good option.

Go, Professional, with the Scarf

If you don’t like western clothes as much you do like the traditional then you can get this look in your office. All you need for this look is a beautiful Kurti, a Palazzo and complete this look by anelegant scarf. The biggest headache in traditional dresses is to carry that long Dupatta but using a scarf will not only let you get rid of this long Dupatta but also will make you look even more gorgeous.