Though it is falsely and widely considered as a gemstone, Amber is not even a stone. Scientifically, it is afossilized resin that leaks from the tree saps, which hardens over the years and have been gaining popularity for its amazing facts. The oldest amber stone is 320 million years old; you can start thinking about the price it would cost at present.

What Is Amber?

As explained above, they are hardened fossils of the resin from the ancient evergreen trees, sometimes trapping an insect or small organisms, trapping it too. Yes, if you can relate to the movie Jurassic Park, then that staff is indeed crowned with amber fossil. The young amber stones are not less than 100,000 years old, which are valued more as they age. This powerful stone is said to hold many attributes, as it has been preserved for the many years. It has been used in many civilizations, including Greece and China.


Amber is said to hold old powers and wisdom of the earth and are rare since they have to be aged 100,000 years for them to hold such value. They come in various shades of yellow, from sunny to mustard, depending on the level of impurities and the quality of the resin from the sap of the plant. It is also said that they can be found in more vibrant colors like blue and red, though very few are found in thenatural state, as many are color treated for trend. Due to the color and the power of happiness, it spreads when worn, this particular amber is considered as the ‘stone of the sun.’

This can be mostly found in Britain, Poland, Russia, Germany and Italy. There is also an amber museum in Lithuania, which is known for its blue amber.

Properties Of Amber Jewellery:

  • This stone is believed to provide the wearer courage, in Asian Countries, and hence, considered as ‘soul of the tiger’ in these countries.
  • These stones have been believed to protect the wearer and also treat jaundice.
  • Being the color of the sun, this beautiful stone is worn as they are believed to clear out negativity and induce happiness in the person.
  • Due to the years of ageing, this stone is said to bring the wearer to develop patience and wisdom.
  • The amber jewellery is mostly treated and polished as they are cut and shaped into desirable pendants and worn. This will ensure the protection of the stone, making it last longer. However, untreated and natural amber also can be found, and they are still in great demand, for their healing and other properties.

Among the many properties this Amber holds, the prominent element of this stone is its age. Since it has been aged for hundreds of years, its value increases by a hundred, as this stone holds years’ worth of wisdom, power, and energy, which has been stored in its small compact shell for the many years. When it comes to something this precious, it is of course, sensible to buy the highest quality available, as this is an investment.