Fashion Jewellery has a variety of designs and styles for the million people who are ready to invest in them. They are animitation to the fine jewellery, as the company cannot expect everyone in the society to be able to afford the highest prices of diamonds and gold. Hence, fashion jewellery came into existence, which is cheaper, making it affordable for many, but compromising on the quality. This, however, has not stopped anyone to still buy this cheap jewellery, mainly because they can find use in them for almost any occasion.


Most fashion and costume jewellery have been using replicas of costly metal, like, for instance, gold plated metal instead of real gold, coloured glass stones instead of rubies, sapphires, etc. One type of fashion jewellery found is the bead work. Beads range in size, from small to big, and are available in various colours and materials. They can be made for men, women or children, for any type of mood. In addition to readymade items, there is also an option of selling beads online, fromcustomising their own beaded jewellery. The beads found in the current fashion and also, in the market are of various materials.


Glass beaded jewellery, are perhaps the most commonly found and the oldest material used. They are in demand since the start of 17th century. This material is most used, because of its availability in many colours and also its shine that adds to the jewellery product, making it almost as glamorous as precious stones. It is this quality perhaps, its ability to replicate precious stones, that it still is famous.


Usually made of pewter and silver alloys, they are also commonly found. Some beads are even gold-plated.


These beads have been used since the ancient times when the poor couldn’t afford metal for jewellery. A piece of wood, with crude drawings of nature and other figurines, were used as pendants and medallions. Now, these wood used is of better quality, treated and polished, to prevent it from wearing off easily and to make it temperature resistant.


These beads are crafted with colourful stones and marbles found in rocks. Some are also crafted with precious and semi-precious stones, which are polished and cut, to fit the frame. Some stones like jades are used to give it a natural look. The lovely colour of green is beautiful, and so, most are made from leaves, for floral designs.



Crystals are similar to glass beads, though these have more shine to it, making it more shiny and beautiful. This is so because, crystals have many cuts on them, called as faces, which are similar to that of a diamond. This quality makes the light reflect off of them, giving it a natural shine.

There are other materials also used for jewellery, like ceramic and plastic, which also plays an important role in influencing the demand for these fashion jewellery. They are trending now and can also be made at home, with a few simple items you find at your nearest craft store.