Choosing The Perfect Length Silver Necklaces

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Silver necklace is one piece of jewelry that can make an entire look more appealing and attractive. You can create a magical look with your outfit combined with the perfect length of silver necklace or you can go all wrong with the wrong selection of length and destroy the whole look.

The length of silver necklaces is extremely important according to the physique of the women and the dress she is carrying. Moreover, purchase of good silver necklaces also matter a lot which you can do with the OneByOne Jewellery UK, the UK’s leading jewelry store.

Choosing the Right Length of Silver Necklace:

The length of the silver necklace totally depends upon the face cut of the women, her physique, occasion and dress she is wearing. Usually a 24 inches silver necklace is ideal for business meetings and events and for formal events and occasions, up to 32 inches can be experimented with the look. Moreover, 18 inches silver necklace can also go with a number of dresses and outfits.

Below are listed a few tips that can help you choose the right length of the silver necklace for your dress:

  1. For women having broad shoulders, longer silver necklaces are preferred. The limited length silver necklaces can make your broad shoulders prominent while giving you a bunchy look whereas long silver necklace will make you look taller.
  2. For women having slim build, heavy sterling silver necklaces with heavy pendants and less length will be ideal. Always keep in mind that necklaces more in length and having more of a V-shape will make you look even taller and slim.
  3. If your face cut is round and your height is not that long, necklaces with long lengths should be preferred. Long necklaces make you look less bulky and tall.
  4. If you have a square or oval shaped face, necklaces closer to your throat should be worn. Choker style short sterling silver necklaces would be ideal for women with sharp chins and heart-shaped faces.
  5. Length of your neck also matter a lot while making a selection of the silver necklaces. If you have a longer neck, bigger size necklaces should be selected. Women with 16 inches of neck should wear chokers. For 18 inches neck, a necklace up to the collarbone should be selected. For slightly more than 18 inches, necklaces below the collarbone should be purchased and for the women having 22” of neck should wear necklaces at neckline and below that for longer necked women.
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Guide to Wear Fashion Scarves

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Scarves are the latest fashion accessories that are very easy to wear. There are many scarves available in the market in different sizes, pattern, colors and shapes. But it would look good on you only if you know how to wear in a proper way. So today to solve this most searched query, we are going to provide some of the best tips to ear fashion scarves. Have a look.

Different Styles To Wear A Fashion Scarf

Turn the Scarf Into the Belt

If you’re someone who loves experimenting then instead of wearing a scarf around your neck, you can try draping it around your waist area like a belt. Just fold your scarf in two and three folds just drape it around your waist line just like a skinny belt. For such experimentation, you would require a long scarf. You can also give yourself a Boho girl look by using a large scarf to make it look like a cute dress. Just put your long scarf around your neck and flatten it from the sides. Complete the look by using a skinny look on the upper waist area. When you do such experiments, make sure you know how to play with colors. The selection of scarf color matters here so choose according to your  outfit.


Oversized Knit Scarf

This style goes perfectly fine for all the women. It gives you a sexy, classy and warm look. All you need are a loose fitted sweatshirt or knitted sweater, ripped denim or tights, sneakers or high knee length boots. You can pair oversized knit scarf with the pastel colored oversized sweatshirt, ripped off blue denim and black high knee length boots. This look is super classy and cool at the same time. Talking about the next look which is a bit sexy and cool. You can complete the look with matching up a loose white T-shirt with black tights, a fitted leather jacket and yes the oversized knit scarf. This is one of the hottest winters; hot chick looks using an oversized knit scarf.

Summer Is Here, Where is Your Scarf?

Summer belongs to pop colors and light material. In summer, no matter how much sunscreen we apply to our body, we do get tanned so you can use scarves as a savior in summers. If you don’t like too much bright color, then you can opt for bright scarves. Light color clothes and pop colored scarves are really a good option.

Go, Professional, with the Scarf

If you don’t like western clothes as much you do like the traditional then you can get this look in your office. All you need for this look is a beautiful Kurti, a Palazzo and complete this look by anelegant scarf. The biggest headache in traditional dresses is to carry that long Dupatta but using a scarf will not only let you get rid of this long Dupatta but also will make you look even more gorgeous.

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Grace And Style With The Fashion Scarves

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Fashion Scarves have always been trendiest accessories for women. Accessories are the symbol of elegance and grace. When it comes to finding the best and trendy accessory, then fashion scarves are the first choice of most of the women. Scarves are easy to handle, affordable, look-changer and trendy. From the normal women to the well famous celebrities, all use scarves in order to give a different look to their attire. As we all know that most of the fashion that we follow are first worn by the celebrities. There are many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities who have given us true scarves goals. From the silk to woolen, from the woolen to the knitted scarves, there are a huge variety of scarves.


Why Fashion Scarves Have Become So Famous

The best thing about these types of accessories is that you do not need to spend a lot of money to look good. Pay very less and look the best with the simple and trendy scarves. It adds charm to your beauty. One piece of cloth – the scarf is enough to make her look elegant and pretty. The fashion scarves have always been very much attractive to almost every woman because it suits every age group. No matter, if you’re a college going girl, or a hard working office going woman, or a housewife, a mother. Whatever role you fit in, scarves are the savior for all of us.

For the corporate women, scarves are really problem solvers. With those boring formal clothes, you can’t experiment more. But adding a scarf to your outfit keeps the professionalism in the place and make you look elegant and graceful.Talking about the material of scarves, then there are many scarves available in the market with the variety of colors, pattern, and material. From plain to patterned, from silk to warm, every material is available.

The scarves have become the most likable accessory amongst the women. It also reflects the feminine looks. Scarves are every woman’s first choice as these are comfortable, fashionable, trendy, elegant and classy at the same time. There is the hottest trend in scarves which is silk scarves. These are very elegant and classy. No women would ever say no to this kind of scarves as these types of scarves add class to your personality and enhances your look. The trend in fashion keeps on changing, but there are some evergreen accessories and clothes that always be in fashion. People keep using them for ages and still do not get bored of wearing them. One of them is Scarves. Scarves are the easiest and affordable fashion accessories that must be everyone’s wardrobe to rock every single look.


Scarves are a complete look changer. It makes you look a trendy chick from a normal one. Sono matter if your wardrobe is full of clothes or not, but you must have a few numbers of elegant, vibrant, trendy and warm scarves in your wardrobe in order to look the fashionable chick.

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Beaded Fashion Jewellery – A Brief Overview

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Fashion Jewellery has a variety of designs and styles for the million people who are ready to invest in them. They are animitation to the fine jewellery, as the company cannot expect everyone in the society to be able to afford the highest prices of diamonds and gold. Hence, fashion jewellery came into existence, which is cheaper, making it affordable for many, but compromising on the quality. This, however, has not stopped anyone to still buy this cheap jewellery, mainly because they can find use in them for almost any occasion.


Most fashion and costume jewellery have been using replicas of costly metal, like, for instance, gold plated metal instead of real gold, coloured glass stones instead of rubies, sapphires, etc. One type of fashion jewellery found is the bead work. Beads range in size, from small to big, and are available in various colours and materials. They can be made for men, women or children, for any type of mood. In addition to readymade items, there is also an option of selling beads online, fromcustomising their own beaded jewellery. The beads found in the current fashion and also, in the market are of various materials.


Glass beaded jewellery, are perhaps the most commonly found and the oldest material used. They are in demand since the start of 17th century. This material is most used, because of its availability in many colours and also its shine that adds to the jewellery product, making it almost as glamorous as precious stones. It is this quality perhaps, its ability to replicate precious stones, that it still is famous.


Usually made of pewter and silver alloys, they are also commonly found. Some beads are even gold-plated.


These beads have been used since the ancient times when the poor couldn’t afford metal for jewellery. A piece of wood, with crude drawings of nature and other figurines, were used as pendants and medallions. Now, these wood used is of better quality, treated and polished, to prevent it from wearing off easily and to make it temperature resistant.


These beads are crafted with colourful stones and marbles found in rocks. Some are also crafted with precious and semi-precious stones, which are polished and cut, to fit the frame. Some stones like jades are used to give it a natural look. The lovely colour of green is beautiful, and so, most are made from leaves, for floral designs.



Crystals are similar to glass beads, though these have more shine to it, making it more shiny and beautiful. This is so because, crystals have many cuts on them, called as faces, which are similar to that of a diamond. This quality makes the light reflect off of them, giving it a natural shine.

There are other materials also used for jewellery, like ceramic and plastic, which also plays an important role in influencing the demand for these fashion jewellery. They are trending now and can also be made at home, with a few simple items you find at your nearest craft store.

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Amber Jewellery – What Is Amber?

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Though it is falsely and widely considered as a gemstone, Amber is not even a stone. Scientifically, it is afossilized resin that leaks from the tree saps, which hardens over the years and have been gaining popularity for its amazing facts. The oldest amber stone is 320 million years old; you can start thinking about the price it would cost at present.

What Is Amber?

As explained above, they are hardened fossils of the resin from the ancient evergreen trees, sometimes trapping an insect or small organisms, trapping it too. Yes, if you can relate to the movie Jurassic Park, then that staff is indeed crowned with amber fossil. The young amber stones are not less than 100,000 years old, which are valued more as they age. This powerful stone is said to hold many attributes, as it has been preserved for the many years. It has been used in many civilizations, including Greece and China.


Amber is said to hold old powers and wisdom of the earth and are rare since they have to be aged 100,000 years for them to hold such value. They come in various shades of yellow, from sunny to mustard, depending on the level of impurities and the quality of the resin from the sap of the plant. It is also said that they can be found in more vibrant colors like blue and red, though very few are found in thenatural state, as many are color treated for trend. Due to the color and the power of happiness, it spreads when worn, this particular amber is considered as the ‘stone of the sun.’

This can be mostly found in Britain, Poland, Russia, Germany and Italy. There is also an amber museum in Lithuania, which is known for its blue amber.

Properties Of Amber Jewellery:

  • This stone is believed to provide the wearer courage, in Asian Countries, and hence, considered as ‘soul of the tiger’ in these countries.
  • These stones have been believed to protect the wearer and also treat jaundice.
  • Being the color of the sun, this beautiful stone is worn as they are believed to clear out negativity and induce happiness in the person.
  • Due to the years of ageing, this stone is said to bring the wearer to develop patience and wisdom.
  • The amber jewellery is mostly treated and polished as they are cut and shaped into desirable pendants and worn. This will ensure the protection of the stone, making it last longer. However, untreated and natural amber also can be found, and they are still in great demand, for their healing and other properties.

Among the many properties this Amber holds, the prominent element of this stone is its age. Since it has been aged for hundreds of years, its value increases by a hundred, as this stone holds years’ worth of wisdom, power, and energy, which has been stored in its small compact shell for the many years. When it comes to something this precious, it is of course, sensible to buy the highest quality available, as this is an investment.

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